Digital distribution for sheet music

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Digital distribution for a digital age

Imagine your customers could receive your whole sheet music catalog digitally.

Imagine your customers purchase sheet music and get the music delivered instantenously into their favourite sheet music app.

Imagine a system that handles the whole process for you.

Distribute digitally

getnote is a software solution that helps music publishers like you to distribute sheet music digitally.

No need to code

getnote integrates into your existing software architectures.
It enables digital distribution of sheet music without you writing software code.

Organize your data

getnote helps you to organize and manage your digital sheet music assets (such as pdfs) and your product metadata.

Make your products available

getnote helps you to integrate into sheet music apps and stores.

Understand your customers

getnote gives you insight into your customer behaviour, with a dashboard to manage your products and your customers.

One solution for digital delivery

getnote handles the whole process of delivering your sheet music digitally to your customers.
From the moment when they purchase or rent until they open their favourite sheet music app for using your music.

getnote - The digital distribution system for the music publishing industry

The music publishing industry has been around for centuries and has developed its own set of business rules. We know that it is important that software solutions respect the tradition, safeguards the interest of copyright owners and is so flexible to reflect the complex licensing rules.

getnote is built by music industry professionals that understand the complexities of the music business.

Your content stays safe with you

getnote does not force you to give all your data to an external company.
All the digital assets such as your pdfs stay with you until the delivery.

By using getnote, music publishers retain 100% control over copyright protected content and metadata.

Licensing time spans

Does your business include sheet music made available to customers for a limited time?
getnote supports purchase and hire business.

Track your sales

getnote provides you with business intelligence metrics for your digital sales.


getnote is a powerful digital distribution software solution for sheet music. Some of the key features include the following.

Digital Asset and Metadata Management

Unify all your metadata and digital assets like pdfs in one application.

Powerful Import and Export

Import your product metadata and assets using powerful import features, like score music pdfs, product lists from your database or ERP system.

Easy Webshop

Integrating getnote into your webshop is as easy as copy and paste.

Instant delivery to score music apps

Select the score music apps that you want to support and start delivering to them immediately.

Realtime Business Intelligence

Get realtime insights into your digital product sales

Keep your assets

Your products and intellectual property stay with you until delivery.

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